About Al-Qahwa


Al-Qahwa is a family owned and operated company offering premium single-origin, infused, and single-serve coffee to coffee lovers over the world. 

Providing delicious, high-quality coffee is our sole focus. All our purchasing decisions are based around the selection of coffees that our customers will love and find delicious. We work with dedicated and progressive producers, who care as much as we do about quality, and who produce exceptional coffees.

Al-Qahwa currently offers quality coffees shipped directly to your door:

  • Single-Origin from the Americas, Africa, and Indonesia
  • Certified Organic - Coffees are grown without pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers
  • Water Process Decaf - 100% chemical free decaffeination process
  • Multiple coffee size selection, different roasts, in different grinds 
  • Available package sizes include 12oz, 1 LB, 2 LB, 5 LB, and 12 LB bulk bean valve bags